At Automotive Tools we supply a wide range of tyre equipment from industry leader OMCN. Built to complement their vehicle lifts, the tyre equipment we provide are made to service vehicles across multiple industries.

Tyre Repair Tools

With top of the range features, our comprehensive collection of tyre equipment for garages includes tyre changers, balancers, and wheel alignment systems. The product range available is suitable for a wide array of vehicles, from commercial vans to industrial vehicles and cars.

Tyre Changing

The tyre changing equipment from OMCN, available here at Auto Tools, handle everything from cars, vans to HGV and plant vehicles in the agricultural, construction and all other vehicle industries. The selection of tyre equipment on offer will ensure you are provided with the best product to meet your exact tyre changing demands.

Tyre Balancers

Auto Tools tyre balancers, stocked from OMCN, handle a wide range of wheel sizes, and the models we stock have state of the art features to ensure a quick cycle time, helping to keep your tyre balancing operation working as efficiently as possible.

Wheel Alignment

We also have available OMCN Vision Line tyre alignment equipment for cars, vans, and HGVs. From the mobile CCD sensor kits to the static high-definition camera kits that fit to the wheel alignment lifts.

Supplying and handling only the highest quality industry products, all our OMCN tyre equipment is tried and tested and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Automotive Tools Tyre Equipment

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