Automotive Tools have just started working with CTEK – a global market leader in battery management.

A brilliant new charger CTEK have developed in the CS ONE – an incredibly easy to use, and functional battery charger. There is no need to know the type of battery, or even which is the positive or negative terminal. The clamps are polarity free and spark free in case they are accidentally touched together.

The charger will work out what type of battery you have and then apply an appropriate charging program.

The CS ONE boasts several modes: Recondition, Wake Up and 12V supply all can be controlled via an app. Where you can monitor the voltage and amps being delivered by the charger.

The charger can be left connected to the battery for long periods for maintenance charging and it comes with a 5 year warranty.


CTEK’s new CS FREE is a 4 in 1 multi function, portable battery charger, maintainer, adaptive booster and powerbank.

It will charge any lead acid or lithium battery from mains power, solar or a leisure battery if required. Plus using the adaptive boost technology if you have a flat battery, the CS FREE will work out the quickest and safest way to power up the battery to get you going within 15 minutes.

When using most other ‘boosters’ there is a chance that you can damage the vehicles ECU’s by causing voltage spikes. The CS FREE is sensitive and will only give the battery the charge needed to start the vehicle – keeping your vehicles electronics completely safe.

Brake Pipe Reamer

Quickly deburr pipes with this new internal brake pipe reamer. Designed for use on brake pipes, but will deburr any copper, cupro-nickel, stainless steel or plastic pipes from 3mm – 10mm diameter.

The soft grip handle makes it pleasant to use and the S2 steel blade gives the cutting blades an extra long life.

Brake Pipe Bender and Clamp Set

Another great new set to allow brake pipes to be bent and shaped on the vehicle. The double clamps let you hold the new pipe next to the original in order to bend the new replacement pipe to the same shape.

The set includes 4 clamps and 2 mini benders which are used with either a 6mm hex key or a ¼” Drive ratchet (not included). Will work on copper and cupro nickel pipes from 4.75mm – 6mm (3/16 – ¼).


Suspension Arm and Lever Hook

Most technicians will have a range of pry bars at their disposal, make good use of them with this clever addition to your toolbox . A very simple and effective new product which has gone down well on our toolvans is the suspension arm and lever hook tool.

It quickly slides over components under the vehicle to allow the use of a pry bar to lever that component to where it needs to be.

Great for use on lower suspension arms, track control arms, roll bars and exhaust hangers.

Wera Holding Function T-Handles

Wera Tools have recently redesigned their range of T-Handle Screwdrivers, the perfectly ergonomic handle shape makes high torque tightening and releasing of Hex and Torx fasteners easy.

They include a holding function which securely holds the screw on the tool for those awkward jobs. The Hexagon range have a ball bearing to create this function, where as the Torx are a special profile to create the same effect.

Special surface treatment of the blades creates high corrosion protection and ensures optimum fitting in the screw.

Supplied with a metal storage rack for bench or wall mounting.

Ford EcoBoost Oil Filter Wrench

Eco Boost Filter

This simple yet effective tool has been designed specifically to remove Motorcraft canister oil filters fitted to the popular Ford 1.5 and 1.6 litre EcoBoost engines. The wrench is 74.5mm x 15 flutes with an offset 3/8 square drive and very slim design which allows it to be used in tight spaces.

Applications include: Ford C-Max II, Focus III, Galaxy III, Kuga II, Mondeo IV, Mondeo V, S-MAX II, Transit Connect II.

Suspension Split Hub Knuckle Spreader

Another great tool designed for use on multiple marques. The spreader holds the suspension split open to allow the removal and fitting of suspension struts. The dual profile design means it works on big upper split hubs and lower ball joint split hubs.

Applications include: Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Peugeot, and VW.

Not designed for use with power tools and the thread must be kept lubricated.

Makes the job much easier and saves time in your workshop.

Oil Funnel Set – Renault and Nissan

This oil funnel set with 2 cap adaptors has been designed to fit multiple vehicles in the Renault and Nissan range. Engines include 1.5, 1.6, 1.9L dCi and Renault Clio and Modis 1.5 dCi with dipstick in filler cap.

These engines are notoriously annoying to fill with oil, this funnel connects directly to the filler neck using one of the adaptors to create a tight seal. Oil can then be poured in quickly and easily avoiding spills and the transparent chamber shows the oil flow.

Knipex TwinGrip – Slip Joint Pliers

Throughout our 40 years of trading Knipex have been our preferred supplier of pliers and side cuts. Still manufactured in Germany to the highest quality, their tools always stand the test of time. Knipex have a great name within the trade and we are often asked specifically for their products from our regular customers.

A new plier to their range the TwinGrip allows for both front and side gripping and combines slip joint pliers with a push button function. The jaws have been designed with teeth perpendicular teeth and an oval opening in the front to allow gripping the worn heads of fasteners.
The pliers are very slim so they can be used in tight areas, but also have a large gripping capacity for both the front and the side – 4- 22mm. The push button operates the slip joint function which has 5 settings and there is a pinch stop feature to reduce the risk of crushing fingers.

Hydraulic Brake Caliper Spreader

Brake Caliper

They always say ‘use the right tool for the job’. A good example of this is the new in stock Hydraulic Brake Caliper Spreader from Laser Tools. We’ve all seen it done with a big pair of grips and trying to balance an old brake pad across the jaws to spread the load across the pistons. But this new tool has been designed to make the job quick and easy!

Specifically for large 2, 4 and 6 piston calipers, it has 3 different sets of pads 90, 150, 180mm which are easily interchangeable. And the centrally located hydraulic ram, evenly spreads the force to stop misalignment.

The ram is operated with the supplied T-Handle, creating a high force spread from 37mm – 71mm.

Brake Calipers

Rechargeable head light

No matter how well-lit your workshop we always end up struggling to see when under a vehicle or upside down inside an engine bay!

This new USB rechargeable head light combines a LED spotlight torch and COB LED strip light. It features an infrared sensor function allowing it to be turned on and off hands free by a waving your hand past the sensor. Both lights have high and low power settings, and the spot light also has a strobe function for emergencies. It can be fully charged in 2 hours, giving between 2 and 6 hours working time depending on which settings are used.


Rechargeable headlight

Scarab Fuse and Relay Plier

How many times have you struggled with getting a fuse out of a tiny fuse box in an awkward place? 10 minutes later you’re cursing and wondering why manufacturers have to make things so hard for the aftermarket.

Laser Tools have developed a new tool to solve this very problem – now an EU Registered design the Scarab Relay and Fuse Plier is a great time saving tool.

It has been designed to remove automotive relays and blade type fuses easily with one hand. This small yet ingenious tool sits comfortably in the palm of your hand whilst the long spring loaded scarab type jaws allow access into tight spaces.

The narrow hooked jaws can reach into tightly packed relays and fuses, where a pair of standard long nose pliers would not get in.

Electrical Connector Removal Tool

Another time saving tool we have just received into stock is the electrical connector removal tool for separating vehicle electrical connectors with a single lock catch mechanism. This very simple tool has been designed for use on tight and awkward release buttons or in hard to reach areas. It’s very slim design allows it to be used in the most narrow spaces. The claw allows the release button to be pressed down and pulled back to release the connection with ease. You should always use the correct tool for the job, and this new tool stops the need for sticking a screw driver into the connector.