OMCN is a world leading manufacturer of garage and industrial equipment. All their equipment is CE approved and 100% manufactured in Italy. Their extensive range of 2 post lifts have capacities from 2.8T – 8.5T, and all come with the ability to load the vehicle in either direction. Four post OMCN lifts and scissor lifts, both wheel free and with slip plates for 4-wheel alignment are available. A full range of bottle, transmission, trolley jacks, and axle stands can be found in their catalogue.

Hydraulic OMCN presses from 6T – 300T are available as standard, and bespoke presses can be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements.

Thanks to popular demand, OMCN can introduce themselves to their customers as leaders in supplying and developing the most technologically advanced automotive tools and equipment on an international level. Their products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards and that’s why they can guarantee the best quality to their customers and have over 600 CE approved product articles. The OMCN group have specialist teams that are continuously researching and testing to develop more reliable and safe products so that their product range is the best on the market and continues to impress its customers. OMCN make vehicle lifts to accommodate all types of road vehicles including:

Car Lifts

4-post car lift from OMCN

HGV Lifts

HGV scissor lift from OMCN

Motorcycle Lifts

OMCN Motorcycle lift

Timelapse construction of the OMCN SPA 200-ton electrohydraulic horizontal press:

OMCN SPA official videoclip showing the manufacturing process of automotive tools:

OMCN Lifts

OMCN manufacture lifts for all types of road vehicles from cars to HGVs and dependent on the size and weight determines which type of lift is needed to do the job.

OMCN have a range of lifts from two post to four post and electro-hydraulic to electro-mechanically powered lifting products.

Electromechanical 2-post lift

Technical and Structural Layout

  • Electromechanical operating.
  • Lifting through trapezoidal turning screws, made of high resistance steel with fine pitch so that trolleys may become self-braking.
  • Completely protected internal sliding trolleys.
  • Load-bearing nuts from a special material, to minimise lubrification.
  • Self-protected safety nuts.
  • Monocoque body column structure.
  • Four sliding rollers for each trolley, plus four adjustable guide-shoes guarantee a perfect adhesion and flowability.
  • Movement transmission between screws through a chain with electric antislowing protection, in order to guarantee an operating silentness and a higher elasticity.
  • Over-sized electric motor with thermic overload protection.
  • Closed-course electrical system, with low-voltage drives and endstrokes,“man standing-by” operating.
  • Epoxy powder painting.
  • Completely pre-assembled frame.
  • Equipped with greasing pump.
  • Equipped with anchor small blocks.

Electrohydraulic 2-Post Lift

Technical and Structural Layout

  • Electrohydraulic functioning.
  • Maintenance interventions reduced to the minimum thanks to the long life of the lift’s components and the total absence of cables, chains, pulleys, bearings, screws and lead nuts.
  • Alignment and synchronism of the two saddles independently of the load distribution.
  • Mechanical safety supports with automatic connection.
  • Safety valves mounted directly into the cylinders.
  • Safety device in presence of obstructions during the descent phase.
  • Speed compensated control.
  • Overload valve.
  • Feet protection and automatic arm locking device.
  • Low voltage 24 V “man standing-by” controls.
  • Vehicle anti-collision device on the upper crosspiece.
  • Epoxy powder painting.
  • Equipped with anchor small blocks.
  • Delivered with oil for the hydraulic circuit.

Electrohydraulic 4 Post Lift

Technical and Structural Layout

  • 4-post auto lifts, electrohydraulic functioning.
  • With specifically designed structures, the internal working space and the dimensions of the platforms make it possible to lift from small to large vehicles.
  • Safety devices lock the auto lift in case of slack and/or cable failure.
  • Aluminium pulley with ball bearing.
  • 3-phases safety level: mechanical anchors on the rack, cable anti-breaking system and additional electric safety.
  • Safety valves both stop over capacity lifting and hydraulic failure.
  • 24 V safety system.
  • Equipped with anchor small block.

Electromechanical 4-post lift

Technical and Structural Layout

  • Electromechanic functioning.
  • Lifting through trapezoidal turning screws, made of high resistance steel with fine pitch so that trolleys may become self-braking.
  • Bronze bearing female nut together with a second safety female nut of the same height and of the same top material quality, self-protected by electrical safety.
  • Completely protected internal sliding trolleys.
  • Slides in full drawn solid steel at high resistance.
  • 6 wheels with big diameter and in high-resistance steel for each trolley guarantee a perfect adhesion an flowability.
  • Lubrification of the screw assured by a device mounted directly on the bearing nut.
  • Synchronization between the four trolleys regulated by an operational PLC which controls the realignment in presence of a difference of more than 15 mm.
  • Footboards of big dimensions, of which one transversally adjustable.
  • Electric engines of top-building factory delivering more power.
  • 24 V general transformer, top-choice electric components, self-protected general plant in order to guarantee the total efficiency of all the safety measures, “man standing-by” command.
  • Epoxy powder painting of all mostly exposed parts.
  • Equipped with anchor small blocks

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