Getting access to the underneath of a motorcycle can be difficult at times, and vehicle lifts are a quick and efficient way to see what’s going on.

Motorcycle Scissor Lifts

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What are Motorcycle Lifts?

Motorcycle Lifts are a great tool for working on motorcycles. Motorcycle lifts make it easier to work on motorcycles, as they allow you to raise the motorcycle so you’re not having to bend over as much as you would working on the bike from the ground. It uses hydraulic pistons to raise the bike up and hold it in place.

How do Motorcycle Lifts work?

The operation of the lift is simple. First, you place your motorcycle on the lift and secure it with clamps or tie-downs. Then, you raise or lower the platform using controls on either side of the unit.

Some models also come equipped with safety features such as automatic shutoff when they’re overloaded or tipped over too far; safety teeth in case of hydraulic failure.

The most common type is a hydraulic lift which uses a hydraulic pump to raise or lower the platform. This pump can be air, electric or manual via a foot pump.

With a Motorcycle Lift, you’ll be able to perform repairs more easily than ever before.

Motorcycle Lift FAQ:

What are the considerations when purchasing a Motorcycle Lift?

When purchasing a motorcycle lift, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • Weight capacity: It is essential to ensure that the lift can support the weight of as many different types of bike as possible.
  • Lift Height: The lift should be able to raise the motorcycle to a comfortable working height that allows you to access all areas of the bike.
  • Size: The lift should fit comfortably in your workspace and be easy to move around if needed. Some models have an extra wide platform to allow you to lift quad bikes/ATV’s
  • Safety features: Look for lifts that have safety locks to prevent accidental lowering of the lift, as well as non-slip surfaces to keep the bike in place.
  • Pump Operation: There are generally 3 types of pump for motorcycle lifts. Manual foot pump, electrohydraulic pump and air hydropneumatics pump. This would come down to the users preference or whether air or power supply are available.
  • Surface Mounted or Recessed: Motorcycle lifts can be installed either on top of the workshop floor, meaning there will be a small ramp to mount the lift. Or in a recess in the ground, creating a flat level workspace this makes it much easier to position the bike on the lift. There are also fewer trip hazards when the lift is not in use.

Are Motorcycle Lifts safe?

Like anything, Motorcycle Lifts are safe when used properly. First and foremost, make sure that the lift is stable. Next, make sure it’s level – if it isn’t, your bike could fall off of it when lifted up or lowered down.

You’ll also want to check that your bike lift is in a safe location: not near any sharp objects or other potential hazards (like electrical outlets). Also make sure that if you’re using more than one person as part of your team, they are all familiar with how these types of lifts work so no one gets injured by accident.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for raising and lowering the lift and to do it slowly to prevent accidents. Most lifts come with tie-down points for attaching straps, which should be used to secure the motorcycle safely. It is also recommended to loosen high-torque fasteners like axle nuts before lifting the motorcycle, to prevent toppling the bike off the stand.

How high does a motorcycle lift go?

A motorcycle lift can go up to a maximum height of approx. 1 metre, this is generally an ideal height for working on the bike. This height will vary from different manufacturers. The hydraulic cylinder system used in a motorcycle lift makes raising or lowering your bike easy and safe.

How heavy is a motorcycle lift?

The weight capacity of a motorcycle lift is determined by the model you choose. The heavier your bike, the more stable your lift should be. If you have a very light motorcycle, then a lighter lift may work just as well for you. Generally, around 500Kg capacity for motorcycles and 600Kg for Quads/ATV’s will suffice.

How much does a motorcycle lift cost?

Though relatively inexpensive, Motorcycle Lifts can vary in cost. The first thing to consider when buying a motorcycle lift is the weight capacity. The higher the weight capacity, the more expensive your lift will be. Size can also dictate cost, so you may also want to consider is how much space you have and how much room you want to dedicate to working on and storing motorcycles.