The Customer


Having recently invested in a state of the art purpose-built building to house their bodyshop and offices. We were approached by Fylde Coast ARC at the end of 2020 (via a word of mouth recommendation – which is always good to have!) as they were thinking of upgrading their workshop lifting equipment. 

After a few conversations, a visit to another of our clients to see some equipment already in use and a site visit at Fylde Coast ARC. They took the decision to work with us and invest in 3 OMCN scissor lifts.  


a car on an Xline OMCN lift installed by Autotools

a van on an xlin lift installed by auto-tools for Fylde accident repair

What we did


2 x ART 540/A – 3 Ton Scissor lifts with minimum width central platform and 4 arms to reach the jacking points. This allows for easy access all around the vehicles including the sills, which is very useful for body repairs. 

1 x X-Line 5.5T  four-wheel alignment lift with secondary lifting table and raising floor under the platform, which creates a flat floor working area under the lift. 

All 3 lifts are recessed in the floor to allow for quick and easy loading of vehicles. Recessing the lifts also creates clear workshop space for manoeuvring vehicles without having to avoid posts or drive up and over floor-mounted scissor lifts.  

What we did


The use of a scissor lift rather than 4 post lift for wheel alignment saves 30% of workshop floor space. With the addition of the raising platforms in the recess, a level walkway is created allowing very easy access underneath the vehicle from all sides. This creates a very versatile workshop bay as equipment can be easily wheeled under the vehicle such as tool trollies, transmission jacks or oil drainers. It also makes the technicians’ life easier not having to step up and down out of the recess when carrying parts or just working on the vehicle in general. 

The secondary lifting platform, rated at 4 Ton, negates the need for a jacking beam which can be cumbersome when having to slide it up and down the length of the platforms. A lighting system has also been installed on the inner edge of the platforms, creating a much brighter environment to work in. 

xline car lift from OMCN installed with a car on it

XLine lift from OMCN with a black car on

Customer Testimonial


“Peter and Douglas have provided an excellent service. Day one they took me around another bodyshop to demonstrate the quality and the range of the ramps they supply and install. Short while after we decided to purchase a ramp which we had not yet seen but after seeing such quality manufacturing we were not concerned. From a deposit being taken the ramp arrived from Italy in less than 3 months and installed under 7 days.  Overall, we could not be more pleased and highly recommend using Peter and Douglas to anyone else” 

Dane Hyland – Fylde Coast Accident Repair Centre 

scissor lift at Fylde auto centre

Recessed low profile scissor lift with a car on

a grey can on an OMCN Xline lift