Over the last 9 years we designed and manufactured 4 variations of standard axle stands to suit the MOD’s requirements.

Automotive Tools and OMCN worked with the MOD’s technical advisors to create 2 unique maintenance stands, along with 2 standard lines which have been NATO codified and despatched across the globe.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our stands were chosen because of the quality materials and manufacturing standards used. All welds are done robotically, ensuring that every stand comes off the production line identical.


Ministry of Defence case study showing robotic welding

(The image above shows the robotic welding process)

Spares parts are also available; some have recently been NATO codified. This allows the MOD to save money by repairing rather than replacing the stands.

Products include:

  • OMCN Axle Stand  capacity 5000 kg Tall – Rubber Saddle (SPECIAL)  – NATO Stock Number 910-99-343-1797
  • OMCN Axle Stand Capacity 2000 kg  440-740mm (SPECIAL) – NATO Stock Number 4910-15-204-2164
  • OMCN Axle stand capacity 5000 kg short – NATO Stock Number 4910-15-204-2165
  • OMCN Axle stand capacity 8000 kg short – NATO Stock Number 4910-15-204-2166
  • Stop Pin and Safety Split Pin with Chain for ART110/BS – NATO Stock Number 5315-15-003-2347
  • Stop Pin and Safety Split Pin with Chain for ART239/A – NATO Stock Number 5315-99-332-1835
  • Stop Pin and Safety Split Pin with Chain for ART239 – NATO Stock Number 5315-99-990-0930


Ministry of Defence axlestands on a pallet