The Customer

A new project for the all-new off road/utility vehicle the Grenadier was instigated in early 2018.

Automotive Tools and Supplies were very pleased when one of the Technical Support Engineers in the new team at Ineos Automotive, who had past experience of our development work, contacted us to see if we could help in 2020.

We were first asked to create a Roadside Assistance Kit to support early events where the Grenadier was being introduced and promoted. As these events were staged across the UK and further afield, the kits were essential to help the events run smoothly & make provision of the necessary support equipment that may have been required on these events. The Technical Support Engineers, had to solve any problems that may have arose quickly and efficiently on site where ever they happened to be.

Following the successful supply in April 2021 of their RSA Kits we were than asked to develop a bespoke engineers kit in a “flight case” on wheels to allow for the globe trotting style of the Ineos Automotive events.

Automotive Tools worked alongside Ineos Automotive’s technical team to specify the tooling required. Once an inventory had been decided, the tool control foam was designed to fit the sturdy flight case. The Engineers Kit comprises of 5 layers of 2 tone tool control foam including 210 individual items, laid out for easy access and auditing.

Tool Control Systems were first introduced into the Aerospace industry to eliminate Foreign Object Damage (FOD). This was caused by tools or any other materials being left on or in a vehicle once it had left the workshop. The use of a foam Tool Control system can also save 30% in tooling budget as it is instantly auditable – if a tool is not placed back into the foam, the bright colour underneath is instantly recognisable and the technician can go back to the work area and locate the missing item. Automotive Tools have previously worked with an aerospace company who saw a real life 30% saving over a year on tooling after changing to a tool control system.

We were pleased to be able to supply multiple kits for both the UK and Germany and we hope to build on this relationship as the need arises and the Grenadier goes into full production.

Customer Testimonial

David Blackhall, Technical Services Manager for Ineos Automotive Aftersales comments ‘We chose Automotive tools based on the previous experience of one of the team, and we haven’t regretted it.

Despite the challenges of Covid 19, and the subsequent global disruption, as well as a fair split of geographical locations for the supply of tooling and equipment, Automotive tools rose to the challenge and have accommodated all of our requirements.

We look forward to nurturing and developing a relationship with this helpful and professional family business as we move forward on our journey with the Grenadier.

Whilst anyone who knows me, knows the suspicion I often have around soundbites, in this instance it is true to say that they are a concern substantial enough to cope, and yet not too corporate and weighty, and are then able to give the personal attention and touch we were looking for without us being treated as ‘just another’ one’