OMCN’s ever-evolving range has another new product to complement its wheel alignment equipment. These 4 mobile radius plates are a great addition to a workshop either thinking of going into wheel alignment or already performing wheel alignment on a lift that also gets used for general service work.

The Mobile Wheel Alignment Platforms consist of drive on ramps and radius plates, allowing 4 wheel alignment to be performed on any flat surface including the workshop floor or any flat platformed vehicle lift. This can turn a standard workshop bay into a wheel alignment bay, without the need to invest in a new lift. Or if the wheel alignment lift is being used for service work for an extended period, the alignment can be performed elsewhere in the workshop.


ART 4224

  • A new product for summer 2020 – mobile platforms with radius plates for 4 wheel alignment
  • Can be used anywhere – on the workshop floor, 4 post lift or scissor lift with flat platforms. Minimum recommended platform width 370mm
  • Extra-low – 25mm complete with drive on ramps
  • Very quick and easy to position
  • Non-slip coating to improve safety and speed
  • Designed to easily perform run-out compensation
  • 800kg load capacity each platform