Automotive Tools is currently in the exciting process of upgrading their headquarters.

The building, based in Read near Burnley, was originally purchased when the Automotive Tools journey first began, way back in 1986. Over the years we have kept up with ongoing maintenance and upkeep on the property, such as, restoration and refurbishment, and even installation of a new roof over a section of the warehouse 6 years ago. However, we feel that now is the right time for a complete overhaul, with a view to improve the current workspace whilst at the same time adding more space to house our fleet of sales vans and accommodate our increasing stock levels.

Currently, Automotive Tools, have two sales vans – one engineering and one emergency delivery. This expansion creates a facility that will allow us the room to purchase more sales vans and an extra engineering van as our workload demands.

So far, impressively, we have been able to increase our ground floor warehousing considerably and more than doubled our usable first floor space, all out of the same footprint.

Whilst the new expansion plans are not related to significant company growth, they will certainly allow the company to expand and use the premises for even more functions. The expansion will allow for sales vans to be safely stored overnight, as well as providing further adaptability and growth of the Engineering arm.

Internally, equipment handling and storage will be first class. Also, order processing will become much more efficient. Hopefully all these elements will provide our end users with a superior experience, creating customer retention and scope for further growth and expansion.

The facilities will also enable the accommodation of extra business for one of our major clients based throughout the UK, which would not have been possible previously. We are pleased to say that we will become a hub for them in the new year.

Throughout the planning and expansion process we have consciously considered the impact of Covid-19 and how the last couple of years has affected how we work in the future. We have looked carefully at all current processes and implemented changes where we can, in order to work smarter and safer with both the current clients we have and any future clients that we may bring on board.

For example, our new first floor Pavilion Room will have full, state-of-the-art facilities for conferencing, either in person or remotely. This has resulted in a local college already getting in touch with us to ask about training facilities – something that we are currently exploring.

As the process nears its completion we are pleased to say that there will, of course, be a grand opening. We hope that you’ll join us to celebrate. Stay tuned for details.