Here at Automotive Tools, we don’t just provide a wide range of specialist stock, we also create and develop bespoke tooling solutions for clients.

This service has seen us work with several leading companies, including Hyundai Motor UK LTD. Automotive Tools have completed several projects, designing and manufacturing tooling specifically for their dealership network.

What we did

Hyundai were looking to improve their Specialist Servicing Tools offered to their dealership network and as nothing was available off the shelf they called on Automotive Tools to see if we could assist.

This saw the team at Automotive Tools work alongside the technical team at Hyundai to develop unique solutions to the issues faced by the technicians and workshops.

Throughout the production process we worked closely with Hyundai to create prototypes, before testing and modifying tooling, to ensure the final product catered to their exact requirements.

After development

So far, our work with Hyundai Motor UK Ltd has seen the development of four specialist kits that have since been distributed to every Hyundai dealer in the UK.

These were supplied in individual heavy-duty storage cases with the tooling laid out in tool control foam. This was done to provide easy access to all parts while helping those at Hyundai to quickly identify any missing parts, which can be quickly found or replaced.

This effective use of tool control within the cases can help to save up to 30% in lost tools over an extended period.

The kits

To date we have created four specialist kits, these cater to the specific needs of technicians working in the Hyundai network. The kits developed by Automotive Tools were as follows:

Dual Clutch Transmission Tool Kit

This includes tools for removing and installing the dual-clutch assembly. Clutch Actuator Removal Tools and Clutch Actuator Setting Tools for Hyundai’s 6 and 7-speed clutches.

Bespoke Dual Clutch Transmission Tool Kit

Fuel Pump and HSG Belt Tool Kit

Including 4 Fuel Pump Cover Plate Removal Tools, High-Pressure Fuel Pump Tools and Hybrid Starter Generator (HSG) Belt Tools.

Bespoke Fuel Kit

Radar Set-Up Kit

Enables set-up of the front and rear radars fitted to all Hyundai models. This is required when the vehicle has been damaged or the radar needs replacing.

Bespoke Hyundai ADAS Kit

Vehicle Health Check Kit

This small yet comprehensive kit allows a technician to carry out all relevant vehicle checks quickly and efficiently.

Bespoke Hyundai Vehicle Health Check Kit

Hyundai Electric Vehicle and Plug in Hybrid Kit

The latest kit we have developed with Hyundai Motor UK Ltd includes equipment for working on and around electric and plug in hybrid vehicles.

Contents include several safety warning signs, 1000v insulated transparent cover and an insulated rescue pole – the one tool no one ever wants to use.

There are also an array of 1000v insulated tools, an insulation tester and high voltage tester for working on the vehicles. All of which have their place in the tool control foam inserts inside a heavy duty storage case.

Once again this essential kit has been distributed throughout Hyundai’s dealership network.

automotive tools plug in hybrid tool kit for Hyundai plus signage

automotive tools plug in hybrid tool kit

From specialist tools to bespoke, it’s our mission at Automotive Tools to ensure everyone who comes to us is provided with a first-class service. If you’d like to find out about our bespoke tools, please get in touch.