Finding the right equipment can be tricky at times, and sometimes, the equipment you need may not exist. Here at Automotive Tools, we design and develop bespoke tooling solutions to ensure you have exactly what you need to fulfil your business needs.

By investing in the creation of bespoke tooling equipment, the results are your jobs being more efficient and improving existing production processes. In return this will ensure you meet the needs of your customers whilst saving both time and money in the long run.


Automotive Tools Bespoke Fuel Kit for Hyundai


Working closely with you and your team to develop these unique solutions, we follow an effective, streamlined process, which includes;

  • Initial client meeting where we define the scope of the project, confidentiality and IP agreement
  • R & D. Sourcing of data, images, components, vehicles etc. to help us create a detailed technical file
  • Preparation of initial concept drawing in either 2D or 3D format, which will be discussed with you
  • We then design the prototype and create a model for applications checking
  • Following feedback, this will be modified as necessary
  • We then prepare the full prototype for field testing
  • Following more feedback, we then modify as necessary to prepare the final prototype for technical approval and sign-off
  • A fully costed quotation is then prepared for you, which includes distribution options
  • We then prepare the manufacturing, assembly and packaging routines
  • Once we’ve received the order we initiate full production
  • Finally, we’ll then deliver the finished product as per agreement

Each item is made to the highest manufacturing standards. Using the highest quality materials and in some cases robotic welding to ensure repeatability.

With a highly successful track record, we’ve created multiple bespoke tooling solutions for clients in the automotive and transport industries, including Hyundai Motor UK, alongside other clients such as the Ministry of Defence and emergency services. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your bespoke needs.