It is becoming increasingly obvious when you are out and about that the electric vehicle market is thriving. Charging points are popping up all over the place and seeing vehicles with the green stripe on the number plate indicating it is electric is becoming more and more common.

In 2021 1.65 million new cars were registered, this was only 1% up on the previous year, due the semi conductor chip shortage and the impact of the pandemic. This slow grow in the overall new car market is not reflected in electric vehicles, more battery electric vehicles were sold in 2021 than the previous 5 years combined! Making up 11.6% of all new car sales and Plug In Hybrids made up a further 7%.

This trend is continuing this year, in April Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Hybrids and Plug In Hybrids (PHEVs) combined made up almost 30% of all new car registrations. Meaning that today there are around 477,000 EVs on UK roads and more than 790,000 PHEVs.

With the ever-increasing number of EVs on our roads the demand for service and repair work on these vehicles is also on the rise. Which in turn means automotive technicians need specific training on high voltage vehicles, safe working practices and precautions.

Last year the CEO of the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) said “With just 6.5% of the automotive workforce currently qualified to work on electric vehicles there is a gaping chasm in the availability of technicians.”

The Automotive Tools Training Facility is an IMI approved centre delivering Hybrid and Electric Vehicle training courses. Our new training centre includes classroom and workshop facilities, allowing our experienced trainer to deliver in depth practical and theory lessons.

All successful candidates on our courses with receive an official IMI certificate, following assessments both online, written and practical.

The IMI level 1 course – Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Awareness is essential not only for mechanics or vehicle technicians, but anyone who may come into contact with and Electric Vehicle in any state of repair. The dangers related to high voltage vehicles are completely different from internal combustion engine vehicles, and therefore anyone in an automotive workshop environment should have this minimum training.

Half day course with 30-minute online assessment.

IMI Level 2 – Hybrid & Electrical Vehicle Routine Maintenance Activities is aimed at technicians who work on high voltage vehicles – but not on the high voltage system. High voltage system shutdown (making the vehicle safe to work on) and re instate only.

Full day course with online, practical and written assessments.

IMI Level 3 – Hybrid & Electric Vehicle System Repair and Replace – again aimed at technicians but this more in-depth course provides the knowledge and skills to remove and replace a high voltage component in a non-live state.

2-day course including practical and written assessments on day 1 and 60-minute online assessment on day 2.

IMI Level 4 – To be announced…

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