Changing tyres is not just a process most garages have to do; it is a science. The right tyre changer can enhance both the speed and quality of the job, resulting in time and money saved. But the benefits of investment don’t stop there.

The Importance of Quality Equipment

The superior functionality a high-quality tyre changer provides is undeniable. With the right equipment, tyre changes can be completed faster and with better efficiency, translating to a saving on both time and money. Compared to manual labour, automatic tyre changing machines promote a safer environment, so they’ll keep your staff happier too.

Needless to say, safety is vital. Efficient tyre changers ensure that tyres can be changed safely without causing damage to the client’s wheels or injury to personnel. The right equipment such as suitable hydraulic jacks, axle stands and using the correct jacking points will also prevent mishaps from occurring during operation.

Speed and Efficiency

A good tyre changer can help streamline your workflows, saving valuable time in the process. High-speed mount/demount systems, integrated wheel lifters and tyre inflation devices can shorten the time spent on each vehicle, allowing your garage to handle more clients throughout the day.

Reducing Wheel Damage

Caring for customers’ vehicles should be a top priority in any garage. Tyre changing often brings the risk of accidental damage to the wheels due to human error. Modern tyre changing machines are equipped with plastic protectors and mechanisms designed to prevent metallic contact, thereby reducing the risk of damage. This not only saves potential repair costs but also enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Lever-less tyre changing machines have moved this on a step further. There is now no need to use a tyre lever at all during the de mounting or mounting phases of a tyre change. Machines with this function have an inbuilt protected lever which pulls the tyre off the rim for you, completely eliminating any chances of damaging the wheels.

A good client of ours told us that the OMCN Lever-less tyre machine he has purchased “revolutionises changing tyres!”

Making the Right Investment

As discussed, investing in a durable, reliable, and easy-to-use tyre changer can make your job a lot easier, leading to time and money savings. But simply owning a good quality tyre changer isn’t sufficient – it’s equally crucial that your staff is well-trained to use it properly. From understanding weight limits to recognising hazards related to the use of the equipment, every person in your garage should be well-versed in safe operation practices. And training should be regularly updated.

The Financial Impact

As you will know, inefficient, unsafe, and slow machines can induce enormous costs – from wasted man-hours that could be better utilised elsewhere to the labour costs associated with performing the job manually. Damaging a client’s wheels can also be a costly mistake! The right tyre changer can significantly reduce these expenses, making a positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

Attracting Bigger Jobs

Garages with modern, efficient equipment are more likely to attract bigger jobs and long-term contracts. Commercial vehicle fleets, for instance, want reliability and a quick turn-around—qualities you can confidently offer with a high-grade tyre changer.

Tips for Correct Use of Tyre Changers:

  • Emphasis on safety: Regardless of the equipment you are working with, prioritising safety is essential. Ensure to wear appropriate clothing and eye protection while operating tyre changers.
  • Equip yourself with knowledge: Be sure to thoroughly understand the functioning of each piece of equipment before attempting to change any tyres.
  • Choose the right tyre changer: Consider your needs before opting for a tyre changer. The maximum wheel diameter you will be working on is a good place to start.
  • Know your tyres: Different types of tyres have unique requirements for changing. Ensure you know what equipment is needed for what tyre. For example its very useful to have a machine with an ‘assist arm’ for run flat tyres.

There is no doubt that a top-notch tyre changer is a smart investment for any garage. It’s a facilitator of job procession speed, machine longevity, customer satisfaction, and worker safety – conveying significant boosts to your productivity and profitability. Remember, every penny spent on a quality tyre changer is a step towards a more successful and efficient garage business.

Should you have more questions about tyre changers or require any garage equipment, feel free to get in touch with our expert team at Automotive Tools – we’d be delighted to assist you.