Level 3 – Hybrid & Electric Vehicle System Repair and Replace EV 2.2 & EV3

Who is Level 3 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Training For?

This is a nationally recognised IMI qualification. The content of this course has been designed to give participants the knowledge and skills required to work safely on electric/hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out diagnostic, testing and repair activities. This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their high energy/electrical system.

This course provides the knowledge to remove and replace a high voltage component in a NON-LIVE state. The course does not explain how to dismantle or remove live components such as the high voltage battery.

Suitable candidates may include but are not limited to:

  • Maintenance and repair technicians

Participants should have an interest in gaining the skills to work knowledgeably and safely when carrying out repair activities on electric/hybrid vehicle high voltage systems.

It is therefore designed for those people who may encounter electric/hybrid vehicles within a routine maintenance situation.

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    What is covered in Level 3 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Training?

    Level 3 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Course Overview:

    • In-depth knowledge-based presentation
    • Health & Safety – including high voltage dangers and safe working practices
    • Hybrid & electric vehicle system types and operation
    • Electric motors
    • Electrical theory Ohms Law & Watts Law, electrical circuits
    • High voltage battery types, etc.
    • Making the vehicle safe (safety shutdown)
    • Using correct tools & equipment
    • Remove & replace a high voltage component in a non-live state
    • Re-instate the vehicle to READY MODE

    This is a two-day course.

    Day one – The course will consist of a presentation followed by individual candidate workshop practical assessments including a written assessment.

    Day two – Classroom-based learning followed by an online assessment of 30 multiple choice questions lasting for 60 minutes.

    This qualification will help support progression onto qualifications that further develop knowledge of either working safely in emergency or recovery situations or within a technical role carrying out routine servicing and maintenance activities on electric/hybrid vehicles.

    Note: This unit does not prove that someone is competent to work on the motor vehicle high energy electrical system, and assumes an already good level of electrical understanding. This unit does not cover commercial or domestic electrical installations including charging equipment and cables.


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