The huge increase in electric vehicles on the roads brings new challenges for workshops. With this in mind, OMCN is future-proofing their range of vehicle lifts and this year have introduced some new innovative products.
A major issue for vehicle repair workshops is gaining access to the large battery packs generally stored between the cabin floor and the underbody tray on most electric vehicles. This battery pack can be up to 2m long and 1m wide, taking up most of the space between the sills which can cause access problems when the vehicle is raised on a standard lift. The platforms of a scissor lift or 4 post lift will be in the way, and even the lifting pads and arms of a 2 post lift can cause problems depending on the position of the lifting points.
The solution for this is to lift the vehicle from the wheels using a 2 post lift, leaving lots of space around the sills to gain access to the battery. The new ART 199EV has forks on the end of the lifting arms in place of the traditional rubber pad. The combination of a baseless 2 post lift and the lifting forks creates a surprising amount of access space, ideal for removing the large battery packs.
ART 199/EV
• 3.2 Ton electro-mechanical baseless 2 post lift
• Special forks on the arms make the underbody completely accessible
• Load bearing nuts manufactured from a special material to minimize the need of lubrication
• Lifting through trapezoidal screws with a fine pitch which creates a self-braking effect on the carriages
• Completely protected internal carriages with rollers and adjustable guide shoes for perfect adhesion and smooth movement
• Carriages are synchronised electronically with automatic realignment after a difference of 15mm
• Oversized thermally protected motors – 2 x 2.6 KW
• 3 phase 400V

OMCN have also taken into consideration current clients who have already invested in a heavy-duty 2 post lift and may want to use it for electric vehicles. The ART N199/RX is an accessory pack to add the forks for lifting vehicles from the wheels to existing 2 post lifts. This creates an incredibly versatile lift as the arms can be changed between standard lifts pads for the jacking points and the new forks. If space is an issue in your workshop, this is the ideal option.
• A new addition to OMCN’s range of 2 post lifts these special forks lift the vehicle from the wheels to allow total access to the underbody.
• Especially useful to allow battery packs to be removed from electric vehicles.
• Forks are designed for use with ART 199RX and 199WRX only and can be fit on lifts already installed.
• Very easy to install – take standard pads off and attached forks in their place.
• Forks contain roller bearings, allowing the wheel to roll freely.
• 1000Kg capacity per fork – 4 Ton gross vehicle weight.
• Creates a multipurpose work bay, without the need to invest in a new lift.

Another modification OMCN have created for electric vehicles are some lifting pads specific to Tesla. On the majority of 2 post lifts, the lifting pads are circular. Using these specifically sized rectangular pads you are able to lift all Tesla models. They can be retrofitted to any of OMCN’s innovation range of 2 post lifts.
ART 370/D
• Kit of 4 lifting pads specific to Tesla.
• Suitable for OMCN 2 post lifts 199/GK – 199/GAMMA – 199/YL – 199YP.
• Lifting pads can be fit to lifts already installed.
• When placed correctly – they allow lifting of all Tesla models currently on the market.